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Real Estate Transactions, Litigation & Finance

Our attorneys represent clients on a broad spectrum of real estate issues, including residential and commercial purchases and sales, residential and commercial developments, and residential and commercial leasing. In addition, we advise our clients with regard to entity formation, tax issues, homeowners' associations, contracts for the sale, acquisition, development and/or conversion of properties, financing, evictions foreclosures, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Are you purchasing or selling a property, or do you have another question regarding a real estate or financing matter? If so, please feel free to call or email our real estate lawyers.

Business Transactions & Tax Planning

Our attorneys represent small to medium size businesses and nonprofit organizations on a wide range of legal matters including entity formation, corporate governance, small business acquisitions and sales, and financing. We assist our clients with due diligence, entity structuring, document preparation, negotiations, tax planning, and related services necessary to support our clients' business activities.

Do you have a question regarding a business or tax matter, including what type of entity would best suit your business? If so, please feel free to call or email us our business lawyers.

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Our lawyers provide sensitive guidance to individuals and families in the planning and implementation of the terms of their estate. We assist our clients in developing and implementing the estate and gift tax planning strategies which maximize the financial objectives of our clients and minimize their potential tax burdens. We draft wills, durable powers of attorney, living wills, and assist in the establishment and management of trusts and charitable foundations.

Do you have a question regarding an estate planning matter, including whether or not you need a will? If so, please feel free to call or email our estate planning lawyers.


Our attorneys provide immigration legal services to individuals seeking immigrant and non-immigrant visas (including student visas, employment based visas, and family based visas), legal permanent residency, and United States citizenship. We assist our clients throughout the application process.

Do you have a question regarding visa, residency, or citizenship applications, or do you have another immigration question? If so, please feel free to call or email immigration lawyers.

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